Our vinyasa classes offer a dynamic flow with a creative and intelligent exploration of postures, breath and mantra.All levels welcome to our Brooklyn studio in Williamsburg.

Yin Yoga

We will apply basic breathing and awareness techniques as we move through Yin postures in a slow and steady pace, holding passive postures for a few minutes at a time to nourish and infuse the yin tissues with blood flow. This method enhances chi flow into the connective tissues and nourish the meridians housed within them, creating a sense of relaxed calm and balanced energy. This class is acceptable for all levels of experience.

Yin / Yang

In this class we will target both the Yin and Yang tissues of the body by utilizing both passive and dynamic movements in sequence while applying breath awareness and mindfulness practices. The class will nourish the muscles, joints and ligaments supporting circulation and digestion while providing the connective tissue and the inhabited energetic meridian channels with revitalized chi and blood flow, enhancing the health of the skeleton and organs thus creating a balanced and equanimous mind.


Restorative Yoga is the ideal practice for the urban yogi. The class is like a guided nap that combines physical posture with focused breathing to heal injury and deeply calm the mind and body. In restorative yoga students can expect to flow through a gentle warm-up and then enter into a practice of 4-5 poses over the course of 75-90 minutes. Alignment is perfectly supported through the use of various props, and each pose is held for approximately 10 minutes. The goal is to focus on steady deep breathing so that the body can relax and integrate the shapes and benefits of these ancient postures on a cellular level. Restorative yoga is great for injuries and can be practiced by beginner and advanced yogis alike.

Hatha Restorative

A 75 min yoga practice that includes a warming intro followed by several restorative postures and an extended savasana. This class is deeply strengthening and deeply relaxing. Perfect for working through mid-week stress and learning about the roots of yogic alignment in the body, mind, and spirit.Open to all levels. Our studio located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn welcomes all shapes, sizes and experience.

Yoga Express Hour

Strapped for time? join us for our new express class. The result is a detoxifying, sweaty and satisfying aerobic, strength, stability and flexibility building experience resulting in a lighter and sharper mind and body. All levels welcome.



Guided Meditation

In this class we will apply methods of cultivating awareness and mindfulness for the purpose of training the mind in stillness. The class will begin with a brief introduction of the purpose and method, a 30 minute sit and an opportunity for contemplation and inquiry.$10 Drop-in. Free for members.



Pre-Natal Yoga

Our prenatal classes located in Williamsburg are designed for all levels and experience. Students will be guided through gentle stretching and toning of the muscles in an intelligent and compassionate manner geared towards preventing and relieving common discomforts of pregnancy.We will also explore the physical, mental and spiritual shifts during this beautiful time in a comfortable supportive environment, building a strong sense of confidence and community within Brooklyn.

Postnatal Yoga / Baby & Me

This class focuses on rejuvenating your body after childbirth through a flowing asana sequence while connecting with your newest addition in a playful and safe environment for babies. Rebuild strength and core needed to repair the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor stretched during pregnancy and labor.You’ll also learn baby yoga exercises to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns, and help your infant toward their next stages of development. Come join our growing Brooklyn community!

Pre-Natal Pilates

While using traditional Pilates exercises as a base, we modify movements as necessary, for every stage you of your pregnancy. Including gentle stretching and the use of props, this class will help you stay strong for the months ahead and prepare you for the labor and delivery of your baby.

Postnatal Pilates

You have a new baby and a new body. Now what? Regardless of whether or not you are feeling sluggish and weak or ready to get up and go running, we will start from the beginning and build a foundation, so that you can advance safely and get your body feeling and looking fabulous in no time. Pilates is the safest, most effective way to make it happen!This class will give you the opportunity to focus on you, healing your body and helping you to start feeling more like yourself. In this class we will: