Events Specials

3 months of unlimited classes $270 ($90/month)

Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls are unique self-massage tools created with the intention of empowering individuals to take the care of their bodies into their own hands. In this workshop, you will be expertly guided through a full body self-myofascial massage treatment designed to break up adhesions within muscles and fascia, reduce pain and stress, and improve body awareness.

In addition to being a Yoga Tune Up ® Level 1 instructor and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, Maggie is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist certified in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Bodywork for the Childbearing Cycle, and Infant Massage Instruction.

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Sangha Membership $99/month

Sangha Monthly Membership allows unlimited access to classes and meditation. Members receive 10% off all workshops and special events.

Featured Artist:

Stefanie Mihoulides Mihoulides is a Brooklyn-based artist. The theme of her work is mindful introspection. Here, she uses colors, shapes and line to play with the ideas of symmetry vs. asymmetry, balance and direction. The process and resulting pieces are intended to provoke an internal meditation on these concepts.

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Weekly Meditation Classes

New Prenatal Pilates Class | Friday 12:45p – 1:45p

Our prenatal pilates classes are perfect for moms to be during all stages of pregnancy. They will help you stay fit preparing you for changing body weight and childbirth. Addressing pregnancy issues you will learn how to exercise correctly keeping you and your baby safe. You will get a great workout with individual, personalized attention.