Ayurveda changed my life. This may seem like a huge statement but it’s true. I had been practicing yoga and mindful living for about 7 years and recall one of my teachers referencing the 3 constitutions (vata, pitta, kapha) represented in this ancient science during a yoga class one day. I was intrigued. I went over to the teacher after class and asked her a litany of questions on its theory, how I can know more and what I can do to really understand my constitution. Am I only one constitution?, does it stay the same over the entire life span?, are there foods I have to eat? etc… I don’t remember exact details but I do know that the impulse to understand how I co-exist in nature and with nature became a seed that now informs my entire life.

A few years after this initial introduction to Ayurveda, I found myself in a space of poor mental and physical health marred with oxymorons. I was constantly fatigued yet anxious and obsessive, my skin was dry, pale and puffy, and my hair was coarse and thin. I was eating healthy food, exercising, practicing yoga but my body felt bloated and inflamed. I was frustrated and confused. I understood so much, and still I felt the least vibrant energetically than I had in years.

It was then I realized Ayurveda is a practice. It’s not a science where memorization of theory and topics serve to provide insight into its transformation. It is a wisdom baked in only through careful and continuous inquiry, attention, participation and curiosity. It is also best transmitted via a trusted practitioner.

For me, this reckoning happened 8 years ago. I let go of the need to understand and consume Ayurveda and its principles intillectually and surrended to embodying Ayurveda as a lifestyle. As the months went on I noticed huge shifts in my energy, body and mind. I found a new fluid rhythm with which to navigate my life and have since never been healthier.

I love this practice for its consistency and vast support of the changing nature of life. This practice doesn’t ask you to sacrifice or change, instead it balances out the life that is right here, moment to moment.

with love, Alana